Langar: Free Vegetarian Food for Everyone

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Rubin sent over this link about a congressman who is attempting to live on food stamps, but had his peanut butter and jelly confiscated by the TSA when trying to fly. Comments on the state of our transportation security aside, this reminded me of something I had once seen in a television show awhile back, kitchens that provide free, vegetarian food to anyone. I believe I first saw it on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”. I pulled up the wikipedia article and figured I’d put a link here to share with everyone and to “blogmark” it for myself. For those too lazy to click, “Langar (Punjabi: ????) is the term used in the Sikh religion for the free, vegetarian-only food served in a Gurdwara and eaten by everyone sitting as equals.”

I wish something like this was here in the states (and all over the world). I think life would be a lot better for everyone if there were full stomachs all around.

(image via mercedesfromtheeighties)


Post a number, get banned on Digg

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Looks like Digg is getting into some hot water with their users. A story was posted on Digg with the key needed to decrypt HD-DVD. It quickly got 15,000+ Diggs, making it the 3rd most popular story ever. Then it disappeared. We’re not even going to get into it, but here’s a story that has more info.

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Great Color Legends

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Ever wondered why a stop sign is red? Dollar bills are green? or maybe what the story is behind the green M&Ms? COLOURlovers has done a bit of research and has some answers in their recent post, The Great Color Legends. Did you know that pink used to be a boy’s color and blue was a girl’s color? Here’s the list of legends they touch on (with sources of info cited):

Why is Red the International Color for Stop?
Why is the US Dollar Green?
Why is Pink a Girl Color and Blue a Boy Color?
Why are Republicans Red and Democrats Blue?
Why is the Green M&M the Horny One?
Why is Purple a Lesbian Color?
Why is Black the Color of Death?
Why is the Sky Blue?
Why are Road Signs Green?
St. Patricks’s Green?
Why is Raising a White Flag the Symbol for Surrender?

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