Purple Tunnel of Doom – The Google Map

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I didn’t think I’d be posting more about the Inauguration, but the stories about the Purple ticket line and the infamous “Purple Tunnel of Doom” are gaining steam. The Huffington Post has a great round-up of info on it and I figured I’d share the Google map that I put together after the Inauguration because I wanted to see where exactly we were all day. Little did we know that we were actually under the Mall most of the day. Here’s a link to the map with photos and all.

And here’s a list of my Twitters from the Inauguration: http://tinyurl.com/edrabbitinaug09

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Our Inauguration Experience in Photos

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I’ve been meaning to sit down and write up a blog post about our Inauguration experience (the good and bad), but I haven’t gotten anywhere close to finishing it. It’s rapidly approaching that point of no return where I know I won’t actually get it done, so I figured I’d post some photos for people that were interested in hearing about it. This is just a sampling of the photos I took. You can see the full sets on Flickr:
20090120-Barack Obama’s Inauguration
Out and About around D.C.
There are also some videos I streamed from D.C. here and some others here.

We woke up at 5am and were on the streets walking to the Capitol by 6am.
Early Morning Jan 20th

All the roads around The Mall were closed to vehicles so people were walking everywhere.
Crossing Closed Highways

Heather yawns as we wait in line for 4+ hours in the infamous Purple Tunnel of Doom.
Too Early

Things got pretty crowded.
Close quarters

We could see light at the correct end of the tunnel after about 3 hours. We started the morning in view of the light from the other end of the tunnel.
Go towards the light!

Last two people to make it through the police barricade as the crowd/mob surged towards the gate. I would have been the last one to quickly squeeze past the cops and barriers, but Heather got pulled through since we had locked arms to avoid being separated in the crowd. A quick (almost scarily unthorough) security pat down and we sprinted to get a view of the swearing in that would happen minutes later.
We made it in!

This is the Purple Gate you may have heard something about in the news.
The infamous Purple Gate

Seen on the sidewalk. It probably would not have done them any good as thousands of people with tickets didn’t even get in.
One Inauguration ticket wanted please

We scored a spot right at the fence for the first block of Obama’s motorcade that would later join up with the entire parade. It was a long cold wait, but we got a chance to wave at the new President as he rolled by.
President Barack Obama

Secret Service is Serious Stuff.
Secret Service

Heather reacts to seeing Obama. She’s such a fan-girl. :)
"I just saw Obama!!"

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More Videos from The Inauguration and the Purple Tunnel

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Some more videos from the Inauguration and the seemingly never-ending Purple Line.

Cop car parting the sea of people in the Purple Tunnel of Doom from Ed Hunsinger on Vimeo.

Purple Tunnel of Doom – “Yes we can!” from Ed Hunsinger on Vimeo.

Walking the line in the Purple Tunnel Of Doom from Ed Hunsinger on Vimeo.

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Streaming Qik from the Inauguration

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I was surprisingly able to stream a couple of Qik videos while waiting in line for and during the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I’m amazed that the cell networks held up, let alone allowed me to stream video. Here they are:
Walking down the loooong line for the Purple ticket holders:

Still waiting in line:

Catching part of Obama’s speech:


Headed to D.C. in the morning

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We’re all packed up with warm clothes, electronics, and whatnot and ready for the shuttle to pick us up at 6:30am to head to the airport and eventually land in Washington D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration. The party has already started with the We Are One concert tonight. We tuned into the rebroadcast from HBO to check it out and were amazed at the size of the crowd, and then even more amazed when we realized the estimated crowd for Tuesday was 3-4 times that size. Heather also pointed out that I am in fact 1-degree away from Obama, as I have met John Legend, and John Legend performed as part of the We Are One thing. That plus a piece of paper with Abraham Lincoln will get me a burrito.

Rubin has been awesome enough to lend me his Canon Digital Rebel XSi for the next few days so I can take actually half-decent photos with something other than my point-and-shoot Canon SD450. Coincidentally this is also the camera I’ve been considering purchasing, so it’ll be nice to give it a test run.

In about 24 hours we should be at Kim’s place and in a day and a half I’ll be turning 29 and we’ll be getting a new president. Can’t wait for the madness that will be the Mall!

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