Another bubble coming?

Filed Under Geek on 2006-10-18, 18:52

Take a look at these charts, look at the recent acquisitions of MySpace and YouTube, look at the success of PlentyofFish (which is run by 1 person out of his apartment!) and then try to tell me there isn’t another bubble coming? Hopefully this one we’ll go into with a little more knowledge and it won’t burst like the last one. I’m all about getting in and just banking the money. No fast sports cars, just money in the bank to let me live the modest life I want. But it’s not about the money for me so much as it is being able to do something I enjoy and contribute back to society in some way. One reason I’m so happy with the sidekick 3 themes site that I started up a few months ago. It’s rewarding to build a site when starting with a blank notepad and see it take shape. It’s nice to be able to provide something to people that they enjoy. And it’s nice to make some honest money that helps the site pay for itself and buys me a new toy every now and then.

So, what is going to be the next big thing to hit the web? Most of the companies experiencing huge growth haven’t been around for years. They were quick smart ups, started by smart people, without huge bank accounts. They were successful because they tapped into something and did it right. Where is that something that I’m going to provide on a large scale? Where do I fit into the cogs of the internet?