Buy Your Friend A Drink

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Buy Your Friend a Drink

Ahh the currency of many a friendly exchange, the “drink”. Usually this token is only redeemable when the people involved are at the same bar, until now that is. Prompted by the desire to buy friends a drink even though the lived several states away, Steven Cohn setup the site Right now it’s limited to New York and New Jersey, but there are plans to expand of course.

How does it work?
You pull up the site and buy a “drink” by specifying the amount of money to send to your friend.
An email (and text message) containing your text and a drink code is sent to the intended friend.
Your friend takes the code to one of the participating bars and redeems it for a drink.

Sounds pretty simple, as long as the bars are in on the whole thing. What I would like to see though, is a way to do this remotely. Say I’m at a bar in San Francisco, you’re at a bar in New York. We’re both out twittering and I see that you’re out celebrating a birthday or something. I send a text message to BYFAD with “buy friends phone# bar name $5″ in order to buy him a drink. He gets a text message saying “Your friend just bought you a drink, here’s your code” and goes up to the bar (which was sent a copy of the message) to claim his drink. What do you think Steven?

found via geeksugar