Driving Across the Playa

Filed Under Video on 2012-08-02, 10:01

A bit of a meditative drive across the open playa of the Black Rock Desert. This was in the north on the western side as we headed up towards Double Hot Hot Springs. Roughly around this area. You can even make out the “road” we eventually find towards the end. Thanks to a very dry year, the playa was bone dry where last year we helped rescue a sheriff’s stuck truck from the mud. This meant we could travel just about anywhere we wanted, clocking in over 100miles of playa driving over a couple days.

If you’ve never had a chance to drive across the open playa completely unrestricted, I highly recommend making the pilgrimage. You won’t set any land speed records (unless your car pushes over 760mph), but you can go about as fast as you feel comfortable in your car if the ground is flat and hard packed.