Helio Ocean – First Impressions

Filed Under Gadgets & Hardware on 2007-05-14, 23:46

Helio Ocean: Not a Cat Remote
The Helio Ocean arrived today. My first impressions:
– nice and small
– the slide is kind of cool
– nice 2mp camera
– downloadable video, meh. but the episode of Ask a Ninja was totally watchable.
– wow fast speeds
– GPS is pretty good
– Google Maps looks gorgeous and is fast
– buttons are very non-intuitive
– space bar is tiny
– keyboard not too bad, but not too great
– definitely some buggy software

So far my thoughts are “I wish they could combine the Sidekick OS with the Helio hardware”. I’ll have a more in depth review coming eventually, with a side by side comparison to the Sidekick 3. Some quick pictures are up over on Flickr.