Naked Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture

Filed Under Art, News on 2007-04-27, 17:32

Paris Hilton Naked Sculpture
Yeah, we knew we’d grab you with the “Naked Paris Hilton” headline. But unless you’re some sort of twisted coroner, this isn’t the kind of sculpture for you. A sculpture of a naked Paris Hilton, post autopsy and with “removable innards” is being used in a Public Service Announcement to deter prom-goers from drinking and driving. The sculpture, created by Daniel Edwards (yeah, the same guy that did Britney Spears giving birth), has an accompanying website, (contains sculpted nudity), where students are encouraged to take the “virtual tour” of the making of the sculpture. Rumor has it that Paris commissioned Daniel Edwards to do a sculpture for her, no word on if this is what she was expecting. There’s also reports of the innards including a “double abortion” of fetal twins in her uterus. And yes, just like in real life, both her precious dog, Tinkerbell, and her cell phone are included in the sculpture.

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