New Macbook Pros from Apple

Filed Under Apple on 2008-02-25, 18:04

The internet blogs are awash in chatter about what Apple is announcing tomorrow. It seems like many are guessing that it will be new upgraded Macbook Pros (but there are also rumors now that it’s just new Macbooks, guess we’ll see tomorrow). Having just bought a Macbook Pro last month, one would think I’d be pissed off with the possible upgrade happening so soon, but in reality I’m not. Most people are speculating that it’s just a slight bump up in processors and multi-touch functionality on the trackpad. If so, the processor bumps are not going to break any records (otherwise Apple would be announcing them in a keynote) and the multi-touch functionality will most likely be available to older machines via an update since it’s functionality is in the software. So I won’t be too upset to see new machines come out. Like others have said, if I keep waiting for the latest version to come out, I’ll never actually buy one. About the only thing that would upset me is a huge price drop, a blu-ray drive, and the inclusion of a griddle to cook bacon while my processor is nice and toasty.