Octapult – a kinetic sculpture

Filed Under Art, Gadgets & Hardware, Video on 2007-07-19, 20:23

We stumbled upone this video and were strangely mesmerized. Something about the rhythmic movement and the sounds that it made were entrancing. The engineering behind it is beautiful and the resulting product is great.

Here’s what the artist has to say:
The “Octapult” is a kinetic sculpture designed and built on commission by Bradley N. Litwin of Philadelphia, PA. With 8 synchronized catapults, 160 plastic balls per minute are launched, caught, and recirculated. Made mostly of wood, the work is ~36 inches in diameter. On permanent display in the lobby of Lower Merion Elementary School, Merion Station, PA. Also a performing jazz musician, more of Litwin’s work may be seen and heard at www.bradlitwin.com.