San Francisco Suggestions

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I read a lot of blogs that run the gamut from industry stuff to just for fun stuff. On one of those blogs (you can guess which end of the spectrum it falls in I’m sure) a request for San Francisco establishments was requested. I commented on my suggestions, and then realized others might be interested in them as well. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Oh, you want to know my real motive for posting this on here? I wanted to check out the “Reblog” feature of Disqus comments.

As others have said, is your best friend when it comes to finding a good restaurant in SF. My suggestions:
Papalote: the best burritos (2 locations)
Little Star Pizza: Delicious deep dish pizza (2 locations)
Lori’s Diner is super close and has breakfast. Not exceptional, but good cheap standard diner food.
Squat & Gobble: A good breakfast place. I always go to the one on Haight St. If nothing else it has a funny name.
Absinthe: If you’ve got a bit of cash, Absinthe has excellent food, a huge drink menu, and of course absinthe.

As for beers:
21st Amendment: a tried and true lunch stop with a good selection on beer
Zeitgeist: Don’t tell the other locals I’ve never been but I hear people constantly expressing their love for this dive bar.

Hit up an In-N-Out on your way to Monterey, as the only one in the city is up by tourist-trap Fisherman’s Wharf.
In Monterey, don’t miss the aquarium, it’s great. It’s also a great place for photos, just don’t flash the octopus. If you can also time it right, find out when low-tide is and walk down onto the rocks and you can find some interesting things.

As far as places to take photos, there are the obvious ones, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate park, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, etc. Try to make it out to the Sutro Baths right around sundown.

Whew.. how’s that for now? :)

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