Sleeping in a Beer Can

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With large multi-day festivals one of the problems is where everyone goes to sleep at the end of the night!  Sometimes the festivals are located near hotels, but a lot of the time you’ll find a sea of tents housing everyone.  But the organizers of Smukfest, a large music festival in Denmark, hit upon a novel idea: after spending all day drinking beer, why not sleep in a can?

The giant cans (11.5 feet high and 7.2 feet in diameter) are dubbed “Can Sleeps” and have a lockable door, a refrigerator and a roof that opens for light and air.  Inside you’ll find all the comforts of home, a refrigerator (can shaped of course), tables, chairs, mirrors, shelves, etc.  The bed itself is lofted and comfortable large enough to sleep two adults.  All of the furniture is of course from a nearby neighbor, the Swedish Ikea.  Currently Royal Unibrew has a contract on them, but in the future I’m sure more brands will start jumping on the wagon.  It’s a wonderfully unique approach and I can’t wait to see them when we take Dance Dance Immolation to Denmark for this year’s Smukfest.  And yes, they do come in six packs.


photo by micfour

Thanks to Springwise for some translation.