SXSW 2010 Proposal Was Accepted!

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I think it’s safe to officially say that my proposal for SXSW 2010 has been accepted. “How To Not Be A Douchebag At SXSW” will be a core conversation at this year’s South By Southwest. A huge thanks to everyone that voted in the PanelPicker (apparently we were pretty popular), and of course thanks to SXSW for accepting the idea!

I’m organizing the conversation, but I won’t be educating alone. Violet Blue, John Adams, and several others will be helping lead the conversation. I’m excited that this was chosen to be a core conversation since it means we’ll get to hear the opinions of everyone that attends.

The rough draft of some of the questions you can expect to be answered during our session:

  • Who is “that guy” and how do I avoid being him?
  • How do I self-promote without being a douchebag?
  • What words instantly make me sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about?
  • How do I not come off looking like an obnoxious PR flack?
  • How do I pitch my product/service/technology?
  • How do I handle an open bar?
  • How should I ask questions at panels and presentations?
  • What is the proper Twitter/Foursquare etiquette at SXSW?
  • How can I treat the locals graciously?
  • How can I make a connection with someone I’m attracted to and not come across like a marketing dweeb? (i.e. — hooking up, the undouche way)

It’s looking like we’ll be scheduled on Friday, March 12th, so make sure your flights get in the day before because you won’t want to miss this! Not only will you get educated, there will also be a limited number of appropriate stickers and buttons.

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