The Blue Angels in San Francisco

Filed Under SF Bay Area, Video on 2008-10-09, 17:29

Yep, it’s Fleet Week and the Blue Angels are out practicing. If you ask San Francisco residents what they think of these jets buzzing rumbling overhead, you’ll get mixed reactions. I’m sure most of my friends have a few words to say based on their Twitters. Personally I’m on the fence. The constant sound of them passing back and forth over the city when you can’t seem them used to drive me nuts while I was stuck inside at work. But now that I’m at home and I can run to a window to see them up close as they scream by, it’s actually kind of cool to watch them practice. I know, I know I lose San Francisco resident “cool points” for saying that. But the very fact that a) we as humans can create technology that allows us to do this, and b) that there are humans talented enough to fly these plans is impressive. The video above is one I was able to quickly capture as they blasted over our neighborhood.

UPDATE (2008-10-10): Went up on the roof to watch them practice a bit today and snagged this video: