Thunder and Lightning in SF

Filed Under Photography, SF Bay Area, Video on 2010-01-19, 17:34

The way that Twitter blows up during large thunderstorms, you’d think that lightning and thunder in the Bay Area is rarer than earthquakes.  Well, I’m not sure of the stats, but it just might be.  Early this morning I woke up gained some semblance of consciousness as thunder rolled through San Francisco along with storms that have continued on and off all day.  

After seeing the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder half a dozen times, I decided to setup my Zoom H2 audio recorder and Flip video camera to see what I could capture.  Only three minutes later lightning struck again.  My Flip video camera isn’t quite up to the task of recording lightning, but you can see a flickr and hear the thunder (along with some guy on the street yelling).  The audio recorder is slightly better at it’s job, picking up the echoing thunder as it traveled across the city.


And of course, once the rain tapered off, it was up to the roof with a camera to catch the awesome light as blue skies returned.
The sun will come out...

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