24 Hours of Flickr

Filed Under Art, Photography on 2007-04-26, 19:36

There’s a new group over at Flickr, everyone’s favorite photo sharing site. The plan? To capture on day, 24 hours, in the life of the global Flickr community. On May 5th, 2007, they are asking everyone to grab their camera and document their day via photos. If you’ve got the ability to toss in the GPS info, or the time to map out the images, that’s even better! Only photos taken on May 5th are allowed, but you’ll have till the 21st for your lazy butt to get them uploaded.

The whole thing is going to be commemorated with a book to go along with the day. The book will be comprised of photos chosen from what promises to be thousands of photos that are submitted to the group. In addition, they’ll be using the photos to show at different events. Sounds like a fun time, and far less demanding than the 365 Days project.

More info over at the Flickr group