Demographic Info From 26,000 Phished MySpace Account

Filed Under Geek on 2006-10-10, 19:10

So a few days ago LoLo tapped me for some quick PHP-ing to analyze a file of phished MySpace passwords that he had found. For those that don’t know what’s been going on with MySpace and the password phishing, check out this article for an explanation.

So armed with this data, I sat down and imported the file into a MySQL database, cleaning up bits and pieces, and then wrote some scripts to pull out useful data. Not content with just info on the emails and passwords, I started playing around with MySpace’s search page, and wrote a screen scraping script to grab the info of all the users by searching for their emails. It took a few hours to gather all the data, but then I was able to run some useful reports on it. I’ll let you check out Lolo’s full write-up on the thing, including the stats over on his article: Demographic Info From 26,000 Phished MySpace Accounts. If there’s any interest/demand, I’ll clean up the scripts and post the code.

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