Eyeball Tattoo

Filed Under Body Modification on 2007-07-02, 19:26

Like many of my body modification posts, this may not be for those that are squeamish and following any links in this post may lead you to NSFW material

tattooed blue eyes

What’s the last place on your body you would expect to get tattooed? Most people would answer the eyes. Not tattooed eyelids, but tattooing your eyeballs. Well not only is eyeball tattooing possible, it’s also been done more often than you would think. BMEZine’s wiki page states that it was commonplace before contact lenses as it could be used to cover up defects in damaged eyes. Usually this is performed on sightless eyes as there is a chance for infection and loss of sight. However recently an attempt was made on tattooing the sclera (the white part of your eye) of three guys with perfectly healthy eyes.

Howie (LunaCobra.net) performed the procedures on the three brave “mice”: Pauly Unstoppable, Josh, and Shannon Larratt. The goal was to color the sclera a nice blue color. Kind of like the Fremen’s eyes in Dune if you ask me. One attempt was done with a hand-poked technique, while the other two utilized a syringe to inject the ink. All in all there was some difficulty getting the ink at the right level and getting it to stay, but it definitely looks like a start towards modification of yet another body part. So far one update has been posted and it looks like the ink is spreading around, distributing more color. I can’t wait to see how these guys heal and how the final result looks.

Oh, and as if it didn’t need to be said, but don’t try this at home. This experiment was well researched, the risks understood, and willingly accepted.

Original blog post with pictures
Update after 24 hours
image via zentastic