Limited Edition Shepard Fairey posters for Obama

Filed Under News on 2008-03-12, 17:18

Barack Obama Shepard Fairey Poster

I got the twitter from Barack, bounced over to the store on his website and plunked down $70 to go towards his campaign. I have been meaning to contribute financially to Mr Obama, but had not gotten around to it. The announcement of limited edition Shepard Fairey posters spurred me to break out that credit card. It’s a cool poster, and will be a piece of history in my eyes. If he wins, it will be one of those things that I’ll hopefully look back on with fondness, recalling the end of the Bush regime and the start of something new. If he doesn’t win, then I’ll just hold onto it for 4 more years and put it back up in 2012.

I’m not one that gets all fired up about politics for the most part, but this year with the mess that Bush has gotten us into and the possibility for something new and different, I’ve made more effort than in the past. I’ve been really impressed by Obama and his campaign and staff. From his twitter account with snarky remarks, to stencils on the sidewalks of San Francisco. (Can you imagine if the President actually continued to Twitter, or keep a blog?) I feel like he is up for the challenge of the presidency and will represent my generation well. He may not have as much political experience as Hillary, but experience can also mean “stuck in a rut” and not willing to break a few molds. It’s about time we got the old, power-hungry, religious guys out of office. I just hope that enough of the country feels the same way.