Wet Cats

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wet cat

Because there’s nothing more pathetically hilarious than a wet cat. Washing a cat

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Johan Lippowitz, interpretive miming

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Want to see what his duet with Natalie Imbruglia?


World’s Longest and Fastest Zip-Line

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One of the best things my grandfather ever did for us grandchildren was to build a zipline in the backyard. While it was incredible fun and occupied us for many hours over the summer, it didn’t quite compare in magnitude to this one. 918ft high, 1.2 miles long, and speeds of up to 100mph!! Unfortunately this one requires a trip to South Africa.

Another video here.

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Beautiful Fern Scarification

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I’m usually not a huge fan of scarification as so many of them heal in unexpected ways. That’s not to say I can’t appreciate a gorgeous one when I see it. I was browsing through BMEZine’s ModBlog (contains nudity and serious body modification) and came across this beautiful bit of scarification:

fern leaf scarification healed

via modblog NSFW!


Coke in a Corn Field

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What happens when a coked up driver being chased by the cops turns into a corn field?

corn field driver on coke

Anyone who has ever spent some time in a tall cornfield can just imagine the thoughts racing through his head. “Everywhere I turn, there’s %$#”*&$# corn! Does it ever stop?!”

Article via Boing Boing

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Vertical Soccer Video

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Advertising is a tough business to stand out in sometimes. Some companies do it incredibly poorly, whereas others are able to break through the massive amount of advertising in our market and leave an impression. Ten points to adidas for succeeding in Tokyo with the vertical soccer game on a billboard 10 stories high! The video of the two players kicking a soccer ball back and forth:

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Shaped Dermal Punches

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heart shaped dermal punch

Anyone that’s into body mod knows of Steve Haworth (or at least you should). He’s one of the pioneers of body modification as art and has been quoted as saying “Flesh is my medium”. He’s responsible for a lot of the advances, tools, techniques, and ideas in this realm as well. I first heard about him from my piercer and friend, Tony Terrell who did the dermal punch-ing of my ears. I jumped onto Steve’s website recently and noticed that he had some really nice looking shaped dermal punches. Of course these would require custom jewelry, but definitely something that would be unique.

heart shaped dermal punch

via Steve Haworth :: 3D Body Modification & Human Evolution Artist


Using Lumines to hack your PSP

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Lumines PSP Hack

Want to run homebrew apps on your PSP? For the past couple of years, it’s been a game of cat and mouse with homebrew hackers coming up with ways around Sony’s updated firmwares. The latest uses one of my favorite games to exploit a loophole that will let you run homebrew apps on any version of the firmware, from v1.00 up to v3.50. Up until know hacking your PSP required all sorts of hoops to jump through with steps specific to each firmware and quite often actually downgrading your firmware. Not anymore! In uhhh unrelated news, sales of Lumines on Amazon have skyrocketed!

Info on how to hack your PSP with Lumines
via Engadget


WiTricity, Wireless Electricity

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My dream come true. Thank you MIT.


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Technology-induced synaesthesia

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Technology-induced synaesthesia

“See with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses — and build a few new ones.”

A great article over at Wired that speaks for itself. Anyone interested in body hacking shoudl definitely check it out.

Mixed Feelings (via BoingBoing