Great Color Legends

Filed Under Education on 2007-05-01, 12:41

Ever wondered why a stop sign is red? Dollar bills are green? or maybe what the story is behind the green M&Ms? COLOURlovers has done a bit of research and has some answers in their recent post, The Great Color Legends. Did you know that pink used to be a boy’s color and blue was a girl’s color? Here’s the list of legends they touch on (with sources of info cited):

Why is Red the International Color for Stop?
Why is the US Dollar Green?
Why is Pink a Girl Color and Blue a Boy Color?
Why are Republicans Red and Democrats Blue?
Why is the Green M&M the Horny One?
Why is Purple a Lesbian Color?
Why is Black the Color of Death?
Why is the Sky Blue?
Why are Road Signs Green?
St. Patricks’s Green?
Why is Raising a White Flag the Symbol for Surrender?


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