How not to win my vote

Filed Under SF Bay Area on 2007-10-03, 11:05

If you’re running for public office, don’t call/email/send me unsolicited campaign drivel. It just lets me know who NOT to vote for. On top of that, at least put my email address in the To field, so I know which one to unsubscribe without having to pull up the email headers. Email received (with my reply) below:

On 10/3/07, Harold wrote:
> It is time for the voters to unplug the political machine that controls this
> city and place the responsibility for government squarely on the shoulders
> of someone who will make every decision based on what is best for the
> citizenry.
> My name is Harold Hoogasian. I am a third generation San Franciscan. My
> business, Hoogasian Flowers, was established by my grandfather. The
> philosophy taught to me by my family is that whenever possible, one should
> use local, San Francisco based businesses to provide goods and services, in
> order to keep the dollars in our own San Francisco economy.
> I call on the voters of this Great City of San Francisco to rise up, UNPLUG
> you will elect me to the Office of Mayor of San Francisco, I pledge to bring
> excellence to every area of endeavor and to seek the highest level of
> success in resolving homelessness, improving transportation and addressing
> the other issues that confront us.
> To meet this challenge I ask your help:
> 1) Please contribute money to our campaign
> 2) Call and volunteer to work on the campaign
> 3) Call or e-mail us and volunteer to place a campaign sign your window of
> your car or home
> Together we can build a future of which we all will be proud.
> Harold M. Hoogasian,
> Candidate for Mayor
> 415-229-2710
> If you would rather not receive information about this contested mayoral
> election,
> Reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject line:

Please add this to your basic issues for your platform and I might reconsider:

6. A stand against unsolicited email – Spam is out of control. We cannot tolerate the level of email we receive in our inbox every day. As Mayor, I will do nothing about this annoying intrusion as I have an established track record of sending unsolicited email to undisclosed-recipients. This issue should have my full attention as people are unable to unsubscribe from these emails when they don’t know which email address they were sent to.

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