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Wallpeppr: Paint with Flickr

Filed Under Art on 2007-05-12, 00:46

Wallpeppr: Paint with Flickr

How would you like to take your favorite image from Flickr and “paint” it directly onto your wall? The Wallpeppr, designed by Carlo Jorges, was designed to do just that. The Wallpeppr is a roller that uses inkjet-technology to print out an image transferred to it via a network cable. It’s pitched as working with Flickr, but that means it can work with any image, since Flickr just uses jpgs. I think Carlo just says it works with this popular Web 2.0 site so that he can drop the last vowel with style. Unfortunately we haven’t found anything more than a short write up and some marketing style photos on Yanko Design so it’s hard to tell if this truly does exist in a working form. If anyone has photos of it in action, please post them to Flickr. And then paint them on the wall, and post pictures of you painting them on the wall, and then…. you know the drill.


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